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From Soil To Sell - We Support You! 

Who Are We?

We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the hemp and CBD world. Our goal is to bring your passion for industry into a profitable business. Let us take on the busy work for you by connecting you to farmers, growers, transportation, and distributors.  We will negotiate contracts to ensure you’re getting the best deals possible! From seed to distribution of goods, our team is ready to help make your dreams a reality and stay by your side from start to finish.

Who Do We Work With?

We are privileged to work side by side with wonderful companies and hemp industry professionals. We are confident, their experience and passions will help you grow your company exponentially! 

Meet The Team

Stevie K

CEO & CBD Conduit Consultant

Stevie is well versed in all aspects of the CBD process. She intends to bring those who have biomass to those looking to process and distribute. She and the team have compiled a collective of industry eccentric folks who are finally able to come together and SAVE this great nation of ours. Help us help others FIND you!


Jazmin McClain

COO & Market Research

Jazmin is a CBD advocate with 7 years of experience as a data and market research analyst. From formal contracts and agreements to FDA regulations, she works behind the scenes to make sure your business transactions are as smooth and headache free as possible.

 Jacob Pasino

Master Grower & Growing Consultant

Jacob has over 25 years experience as a master grower. He has created the perfect growing technique and is willing to share it with you! 

Will Saleen

Master Grower & Growing Consultant

Will has deep organic growing roots. He has dabbled in genetics and microbiology to create monster plants weighing over 50 pounds!